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The funds donated to the Adventist Deaf Ministries International's (ADMI) General Fund will be distributed those areas that need it most. If you would like to support a specific area of ADMI's work you can choose a category of programs that fits your particular interest. All of the areas ADMI works in are important, but find one or two that you’re really passionate about. We are thankful that you share our passion for helping spread the Gospel of Good News to the Deaf.

Give to ADMI's General Fund

ADMI is ready to respond thanks to people just like you who support “where needed most.” These funds will be allocated to address the greatest current need.


Donate By Program

Special Deaf Internet with                       Description goes here
closed-captioning or subtitling        


Deaf school in Kenya                               Description goes here                                                  


Deaf school in the Philippines                Description goes here