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News- Adventist Deaf Ministries International

First International Interpreters Training Course

in Seville, Spain on September 18-20, 2015
Info and registration at

This project is intended to address to all sign language interpreters, mediators and leaders of the Deaf Community, within our Seventh-day Adventist Church.

This project was developed with the intention of promoting the integration of our ILS within the Adventist Church and remember to reach them out.

Many interpreters feel tired, depressed or exalted by their work and we should seek a positive balance that benefits the professionalism of the performance, the quality and our commitment to God.


Three Deaf SDA Camp Meetings in Africa

1) East Kenya Union Conference- 9-15/8/2015 at Kilifi.

2) West Kenya Union Conference- 16-22/8/2015 at Kamagambo College. 

3) Uganda - 23-29/8/2015 at Bugema. 

From Pr Muasya M. P. , EKUC VOP/Special Needs Ministry Director


“Here’s a story written by Daryl Famisaran, director for the SDA Deaf school in the Philippines, that I thought you’d be interested in.

He did it again for the second time.  Reneboy Collobong left without asking permission.  We learned that he had a clash with his classmate Airyl.  Misunderstandings are common with our deaf students so with the problem of leaving the campus without permission. This gives us the headache of looking for them even in the night.  As these children were endorsed to us by their parents so their security is our big responsibility." Continue...

Deaf Young Adults for Christ Conference

"Deaf Young Adults for Christ (DYAC) visited Washington DC for its annual camp meeting (conference), hosting a series of workshops and activities. This special event brought together spiritually-hungry DYAC members with key church leaders invested in Deaf Ministry." Read more...

Kenya Deaf Camp Meeting

From Eliakim Olunga (email: "We are now finalizing the August 2015 Camp Meeting plans. KCF Deaf is planning to have only one low cost camp meeting in Kilifi-Kenya on August 9-15, 2015. Venue (location) is Pwani Secondary School for the Deaf."

Health Expo Accessible to the Deaf in England

“One other thing we were happy to help with was health checks. The other section of our church tent had an area where people could get free health checks and advice, but in previous years this was not really accessible to the Deaf because there was not an interpreter. However, this year with the help of our enthusiastic and helpful members of the Deaf Ministries team were were able to help some Deaf persons to get health checks and more.”

To read more and see pictures, click here.   To view video, go here.

It is Written Daily Devotional Videos in ASL

To sign up to receive daily devotionals in ASL from It Is Written, go to and sign up on the bottom form (not the top one).

Web Evangelism in Brazil

On June 3-5 Deaf Pastor Douglas Silvaas will be preaching the web-evangelism at Brazil in Libras sign language to all Deaf Ministries. It will begin at 20h (Brasilia time) (7pm US Eastern Time) in the webpage

Zimbabwe Report

So far hundreds of souls have been baptized. But for this little report I am excited to inform you that among many initiatives we are using, we have been conducting cooking schools to Deaf brothers and sisters.

When the program started we did not have any Adventist Deaf person in the cooking school. All the 17 who participated were non-Adventist. Read more...

Two Deaf Men in Zimbabwe Baptized

"Two deaf people who listened to the sermon translated first into the local Shona language and then into sign language led about 300 people in responding to an altar call for baptism at the end of the worship services."

The Story of Ricky- The answer to the prayers of a deaf-mute (Bolivia)

"Ricky, a young deaf-mute native from Riveralta, Bolivia, began to study the Bible by himself.  He came in contact with our church and its doctrines through the Internet." Read more here.

10th Annual Southern Deaf Fellowship Camp Meeting

The 10th annual Southern Deaf Fellowship Campmeeting will be held at beautiful Cohutta Springs Conference Center in Crandall, GA on July 29 to August 2, 2015.

Click HERE to view the Flyer & Registration Form

Central Valley Deaf Ministries Hosts Prophecy Seminar Live Streaming

"We the Central Valley Deaf Ministries group are pleased to announce that there will be live streaming on Prophecy Seminar. Pastor David Trexler from the Three Angels Deaf Ministries will be our speaker in a series of 16 meetings... Read more.

General Conference Session 2015 Updates

Location Reserved for the Deaf- click here to view map

Meeting Room Location Reserved for the Deaf- click here to view meeting room location

Natural Bridge Deaf Camp 2015 (Australia)

We are hosting an Auslan/NZSLDeaf camp at Natural Bridge, Queensland, 23-26 October, 2015, where you will enjoy three days of spiritual fellowship, sharing and socialising with other SDA Auslan/NZSL signers.

Our venue is located on 20 acres of natural rainforest in the beautiful Niminbah Valley, 45 minutes drive from the Gold Coast, and 15 minutes walk to the Glow-worm cave. Read more...

Pastor Jeff Jordan's Trip to the Philippians 

"Manila- We worshipped with the Deaf congregation at Pasay Adventist Church on January 31 an it was a privilege for me to preach to them again as this was my third trip to the Phillippines. About 80 deaf and hearing came for worship and I learned that they currently have 35 Deaf Adventists, which has grown from 4 when I first was there three years ago. John Blake gave a report about the Deaf work in different countries. The next day, we met again and Larry Evans gave a devotional talk and shared many stories with the Deaf. Read more...

General Conference Session 2015 Updates By Nohelani Jarnes

The 2015 General Conference Session is happening July 2-11, 2015 in San Antonio, Texas. The GC Session is always an exciting time for our Adventist Church! Larry Evans serves as the coordinator for Adventist Deaf Ministries International. The Sign Language team for this year's Session is Nohelani Jarnes (Nohe) as lead interpreter along with Darrell Strait and Grace Ann Ashley. Read more...

Who's Really Missing Out? By Esther Doss
Posted December 10, 2014

"Among the many gifts God has given us, my favorite is the special gift of friendship. We are made to be social creatures and our desire for a meaningful relationship with others is a natural need. However, some of us do not experience ready smiles or gestures of friendship." Read more...

Deaf Literature Evangelist Shares God's Love for 45 Years
Posted December 10, 2014

"Being a literature evangelist requires a unique skill set: someone who is very comfortable with people, can regularly take rejection and has a passion to keep going no matter what the circumstances. Lee Roy McKinney, a Radford (VA). church member, has all three." Read more...

 Mexico Deaf & Interpreters Camp Meeting in Chiapas on July 23-26, 2015

For more information, go to David & Francisca Trexler will be at the camp meeting.

 "Adventist leaders mark growth of Deaf Ministries: New website can help connect Adventist Deaf community, offer resources for hearing people."
Posted December 4, 2014

"The Seventh-day Adventist Church’s ministry to the Deaf is gaining traction worldwide with increased coordination to better reach and minister to members of the often-neglected subculture."  Read more...

Sunny's Prayer
Posted July 19, 2013 at

"Every Sabbath, Sunny brought to our prayer list his request for his children to join us in worship. “Lord, please make it a gift to us…that our children join us in worship on Sabbaths,” he prayed."  Read more...

Christian Services for the Blind and Hearing Impaired
Posted on November 9, 2014

A church in Brisbane is reaching an oft-ignored demographic with a range of initiatives. The Logan Reserve church, located in outer south-western Brisbane, which has for some years used AUSLAN signers in their church services and special programs, is now planning a dedicated camp for the deaf in 2015. Click here to read more.

Kenya Camp Meeting Report
Posted on September 21, 2014

In August 24-30, 2014 we conducted the historic camp meeting for the deaf in Kenya. It was attended by 226 deaf, their leaders and interpreters. On Sabbath we baptized 43 and 99 graduated in the VOP Discover Bible School. Click here to read more.

Deaf Congress in Germany Report
Posted on September 21, 2014

Seventy-five participants from Europe gathered for what was to be the 95th anniversary of the Deaf work in Germany.  In many ways it seemed like a Pentecostal experience.  Eight different languages were being spoken simultaneously (English, German, Italian, French, Latvian, Finnish, Spanish and German  with many of these with their own corresponding sign language) as the various presentations were made... Click here to read more.

Deaf Young Adults for Christ Camp Meeting Report
Posted on September 24, 2014

DYAC welcomed 20 campers, with six being first-timers, from different parts of North America to DYAC Camp Meeting 2014 in Cohutta, GA, USA!  It was truly a wonderful camp with terrific fellowship among young adults. Read more...

Southern Deaf Fellowship Camp Meeting 2014 in Crandall, GA, USA
Posted on September 24, 2014

The 9th annual Southern Deaf Camp Meeting took place at beautiful Cohutta Springs Convention Center in north Georgia August 6-­‐10, 2014. The theme was “God With Us” with Alan Meis (Holly, MI) as the main speaker. A total of over 150 people (another new record) came from various places (fifteen from Barbados came) to hear Alan and Neil Davidson (Chula Vista, CA) preach. Click here to read more.